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Amy S.         7/15/2014
I started going to classes at Inline back in October. Honestly, I chose this place because it was within walking distance to my house, and I knew due to the parking in Canton that there was no way I would go to a gym where I had to drive there and back – especially after 5 p.m.

I was very apprehensive at first because I hadn’t attended a group class in over a decade. However, the owner, Heather, was quick to put my mind at ease via email and very welcoming once I walked in the door to attend my inaugural class – a mat Pilates session led by her. Although I had never taken Pilates before, she made it so easy to follow, had just the right amount of optimism without being overkill, and made it a point to give beginner and advanced options throughout the hour-long class.

Needless to say, afterwards I was sore for days but was immediately hooked.I have been going two to four times a week ever since, and have taken pretty much every class they offer. All of the instructors I’ve encountered are very professional and know their stuff. Each has their own style, too, which is nice to keep things interesting for your mind as well as your body. They will correct your form in the nicest way if necessary, too. You will sweat, and no class is ever the same twice – so boredom is never an option. I also love that I don’t have to think about my workouts anymore!

In addition, I have met my goals to gain muscle, tone up, have more energy and decrease body fat. Now I keep going back to stay healthy and maintain my new physique. I highly recommend this place if you’re into getting results and want qualified instructors who genuinely care about getting you fit in a positive, judgment-free way.

Abbey B.     1/2/2014

I love Inline. I started out with a gift certificate that I used for personal training at their Boston Street location with Tanya, who is excellent–really kicks your ass, but she’s really pleasant to work with as a person. The sessions always flew by.
They offered an “evolution” series around the winter holidays, which was three weeks of essentially bootcamp three days per week, plus an extra free class of your choice each week. It ended up being a pretty good value–about $12 per class. The sessions were never the same, and they were based in high-intensity interval training exercises. Scott and Tanya, the instructors, had a positive attitude and were always encouraging. I saw a real difference in the three weeks!

I’ve also taken a few drop-in classes, and I’ve particularly liked the HIIT+Core class. At $14 per class (if you buy individually), it’s a great deal. Their unlimited monthly classes cost $99, so if you’re going to at least 8 classes per month, you’re doing better than the $14/class.

It’s a beautiful studio, too, and in a convenient location.

Jillian L.     2/7/2014

I started going to INLINE around December of last year for their ‘evolution’ series they offer and have been going several times a week ever since.  The evolution series are 3x wk classes that are always new and fun and challenging.  I have been going to a few of the other, regularly scheduled classes as well which are also excellent.  The trainers all seem very friendly, encouraging and really help with technique and form. I still have my normal MAC membership for other gym needs (weight lifting, pool, spin classes) but am seeing much more results at INLINE.  I would absolutely recommend checking this place out.

Briana W.     10/11/2013

Great classes, instructors & a gorgeous space!

Angela B.     6/27/2013

I have two gym memberships: one is for Inline and one is for the MAC in Harbor East. Having two gym memberships is not at all a commentary on the quality of the gyms; they are both awesome! I just can’t decide between both of them and I like to have lots of class options :).

I dropped in to a few classes at Inline and enjoyed them, so I signed up for the $49 introductory month offer. I’m glad I did!

I haven’t taken all the classes at Inline, but I have taken Barre, Pilates, Pilates Fusion, Yoga, Yogalates, and HIIT.  All the classes are great and have left me sore the day after. I also really like that the class sizes are relatively small, so you get the same personal attention you would with a trainer. There’s a wide variety of class options, and every class with every instructor is different.

The instructors are all friendly and most of them will get to know your name within a few times of you attending their classes.

I also think it’s great that Inline is receptive to the demand for classes and is constantly changing the schedule. They have recently added a 6:00am class, which is the perfect time for me in the morning and I’m hoping they add more. They have also recently added a new Ultimate Sculpt class for Monday evening, which I’ve always wanted to try.

Stephanie S.     6/22/2013

Love love love this place! Inline offers so many class options to choose from. I have tried them all and each offers a great workout. The classes are small and you really receive a lot of attention. The instructors are all so nice and most know your name. The studios are clean and offer all the equipment you need. If you are looking for a nice alternative to the gym – this place is for you

Gina C.     9/28/2013

There are a lot of positives to this place-the staff is very friendly, class sizes are relatively small so you get the attention necessary to improve your workouts and the facility is great. Having taken similar classes to what Inline offers I was excited that they offered barre, pilates, yoga and sculpting classes. The only thing I was disappointed in was the barre class. I took 3 classes with 3 different instructors and 2/3 barely used the bar and mostly used the mat. The place I take these classes at home leaves me dripping sweat, really feeling like I got a great workout and utilize the bar and mat to get a full body workout. Ideally, I would have liked to use the barre more to get a better workout. Other than that, this place is worth what it costs and have great classes for toning. I would recommend giving it a shot.

C J.      3/25/2013

I love INLINE!  All the classes and instructors are awesome.  One of the classes I took was the Zumba class they offer, I felt so good afterward (next day I was pretty sore… But in a good way)!  I also took barre and Pilates which were AMAZING! I definitely recommend at least trying a drop-in class. The prices for the different classes are so reasonable.  They even have mats for Pilates and Yoga that you can use for free if you don’t have your own. Overall the facility and staff are excellent.

Nancy R.     3/13/2013

I can’t say enough good things about INLINE!  I am a self-professed gym hater (no meatheads, please!) and thankfully, there is NONE of that mentality at INLINE.

The classes are small so the instructors can actually pay attention to everyone in the class and guide/correct you as needed.  There are a variety of class options (barre, Pilates, INLINE sculpt and tone, yoga, etc.) but the great thing is that regardless of your ability or familiarity with a class, you can definitely complete (and thrive in) any of the classes.

There is a definite difference in the way that INLINE operates and in how they treat their clients — Heather, Josh and all of the staff are extremely friendly and helpful and make everyone feel at home!  Keep an eye out as they have been adding more “series” classes which are great introductions to their various classes.

Really a unique and welcoming place that makes exercise easy, fun, and convenient!

Casi D.      3/7/2013

Not your typical gym!  Small class sizes give you personalized attention to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout.  The staff is very helpful and friendly and you know that they are really there to help you.

Aminda G.     12/12/2012

Last year I purchased a living social deal for one month unlimited with inline. They were in a different location. I received an e-mail from inline about the one month unlimited for $65. I thought why not? I need to get in shape and I enjoyed the pilates class last year. I looked at the online schedule and realized that there was so much more that they had to offer. In the past two weeks I’ve taken a barre class, yoga, pilates, zumba and core workout. Every instructor that I have had is energetic and even though you may be in pain their energy makes you want to power through the class. I took a barre class for the first time and I felt great after the workout. The next day I went to pilates and a zumba class. I woke up on the third day and I could barely walk due to the fact that I was working muscles that I hadn’t worked probably ever. Even though I couldn’t get around for two days I still plan on taking the class this week. After my welcome month I’m seriously considering signing up for the unlimited month auto pay

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